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Creativity is a universal language we all speak.
It heals, it adds focus, and it provides a feeling of accomplishment.

There is no right or wrong way to create, it only needs to appeal to YOUR artistic spirit.  That is what VIVID BUFFALO offers to artists of any skill level. A place to explore & discover your creative center.

Vivid Buffalo is a new, creative services company, founded in 2018, by Jeremy and Angela Miklas, an artistic couple who always dreamed of opening their own business to support other artists in their community in the surrounding areas of Buffalo, New York. This is a company which meets artists and creators where they are at currently, to help mould their artistic dreams and bring them to fruition. Whether there is a need for website design, a large-scale mural creation, or most recently Vivid Buffalo Paint Nights- we have what you need for your artistic exploration, expression, business needs, and more.

Vivid Buffalo Paint Nights are a creative way for you to gather with friends, family, business colleagues, and more to craft a bonding experience like no other. Our Paint Nights were created with art, fun, and you in mind!

Art is an important human expression that needs to be explored by every individual. Maybe you are someone who finds throwing clay soothing to your soul. Or putting a brush to paper makes you forget about your stressors. Whatever outlet brings you joy, the truly universal and fantastic part about artistic exploration is all of the wonders we can discover about ourselves in the process!

Art is also incredibly important for getting through difficult times. It unites us all in ways we cannot always fully imagine. But between music, literature, and paintings, the tragic circumstances that surround us can be eased by these expressions and creative outlets, no matter what element we choose to explore.

Vivid Buffalo is well aware of this fact and we rose to fight the challenge of finding new and exciting things to do during the recent paradigm shift which has taken over and changed all of our lives in so many ways. We adapted what would have once been in- person art nights and found ways to make them virtual.

Vivid Buffalo Paint Nights are a new service that sprung up during the Covid-19 pandemic. As people began to become overwhelmed by the daily zoom calls and the soul-crushing weight of life lived virtually, people began to search for new and exciting activities to do, using creative ways to gather with their friends.

Though Vivid Buffalo Paint nights are not always virtual, during lockdowns across the country, they are a wonderful way to gather virtually with friends and family to create! The model of our Paint Nights is similar to that of “Painting with a Twist,”except that we deliver or ship supplies directly to your door, so that you can participate safely from the comfort of your own home!

The night starts off with a reading meant to ground and center the budding artists as they prepare to create. And then, hand-selected, local artists get the chance to showcase their skill sets as they lead the class either in person or virtually and teach the painters how to make beautiful creations together.

We have an extremely creative and soothing environment available for you here. Our spaces are beautifully decorated and create just the right ambience you need for your evening out with friends. Even virtually, we craft a space of calm enjoyment and we desire to fulfill your needs even if you are working with us from the comfort of your own kitchen table.

When Covid-19 lockdowns are lifted and life inevitably returns to normal, Vivid Buffalo Paint Nights will only grow and continue, offering space for patrons to come and paint with their friends at our Buffalo location for a fun, night out experience.

So far, Paint Nights have been a resounding success with people from all over the country asking to participate. Even if you think you can’t paint, these courses were not designed for experienced painters and artists. This idea was created to show everyone that they have the skills they need to make stunning works of art.

Art is the truest form of human expression. From the time we are infants, we can be found with a pencil, crayon, chalk, or brush in hand trying to create. Toddlers love to dance and sing from the time they can move and the need is felt in the very fibers of their souls. These are things which connect all of us as humans but that sometimes we lose sight of as we grow into adults and become too busy with our own responsibilities. Our goal at Vivid Buffalo is to help everyone rediscover this primal part of themselves.

It is critical during this tumultuous period in our lives that we take this time of quiet and reflection to find this artistic part of ourselves again. Virtual Paint Nights through Vivid Buffalo is the perfect opportunity to do this! And when we can safely gather together again, we look forward to hosting you from our beautiful event space in person!

There are many ways in which you can customize a Vivid Buffalo Paint Night to meet your individual needs. Think about what you could do with this opportunity in the future to provide your friends or family with a one of a kind experience that they will not soon forget. For example, think of children’s birthday parties where you can offer a unique experience for your child and for the children attending their birthday party by hosting a Paint Night for kids! This is an especially fun opportunity for everyone involved as children discover their hidden talents and their artistic ability right in front of your eyes.

But this can be fun for everyone. We can host Paint Nights for a family reunion, a girls night out, a post- business meeting team building exercise, and more. This is fun for the whole family and paired with a lovely outing to one of Buffalo’s finest restaurants this should be a great opportunity to gather with the people you love and get your paint on!

Many people do not get their start in art simply because they find the supply list long and daunting and the learning process takes up too much time. But it doesn’t have to be that way! For now, supplies can be delivered to you as part of the cost of the Paint Night so that you can create along with us online. Vivid Buffalo will deliver the supplies to you locally in Buffalo, New York or via USPS outside of Western New York. These will be on wood panels with acrylic paints. We will provide all the supplies you need. Or, when you are able to attend in person, everything you need will be available to you here.

And don’t forget that in addition to the live, interactive experience you get with Vivid Buffalo Paint Nights- you also get to take home a wonderful keepsake that you created all on your own! These are great as gifts for the holidays or will add some beautiful decor to your home. Since April, we have hosted over 26 paint night events, which have been extremely successful. We have many other amazing events coming up in the next few weeks, all holiday themed!

So, please plan to join us for a virtual or in-person event in the coming year for a Paint Night! Pick up that brush and paint. Discover something new about yourself. Perhaps you are an aspiring artist with years of skill and work under your belt or you are someone just looking for a good time playing with arts and crafts! Your specific needs and interests can be met here. Whoever you are, we have the Paint Night for you. If you have a particular type of painting you want to do for your paint night we can customize this for you easily. Your heart’s desire is our job to fulfill.

Additionally, if you are an artist who is interested in being a painter that leads one of our classes we would love to hear from you. Another aspect of Vivid Buffalo that is critical for you to know is that we want to provide spotlights on local artists who are up and coming and trying to make a name for themselves in the artistic industry. This is a great opportunity for you to get exposure and showcase your talents, skills, and the awesome work that you do that brings more art and beauty into the world.

Please, reach out to Vivid Buffalo. Contact us if you are a budding artist, experienced artist, or someone who just wants to join an awesome paint night for an evening of fun, laughter, and artistic expression. We promise you won’t regret it! Please purchase a ticket for a virtual paint night at the eventbrite link below. For the upcoming holiday season we have 3 special paint nights including an opportunity to create a portrait of a beautiful cardinal perched on a birch tree that would make anyone smile on Christmas morning.

Vivid Buffalo has the ability to cater to all of your specific, artistic needs. Outside of our Paint Nights, if you are looking to get in contact with us for mural work, website design, or even self-marketing, we are the company for you. Let us help you accomplish your wildest and most art-filled dreams come true at Vivid Buffalo and Vivid Buffalo Paints!